Why China’s Special Forces Still Use Crossbows

Why China’s Special Forces Still Use Crossbows

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The modern day Chinese People’s Liberation Army, still uses crossbows and they’re not the only force still using them either. Take a look at this Russian soldier in Ukraine using a bow to shoot an arrow with a grenade strapped to the tip.

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Or what about this U.S infantryman in the vietnam war who was snapped in the middle of using flaming arrows, or this one!? These are fully cursed times we live in. But Why is it that in the age of drones and laser-guided missiles, some of the largest militaries in the world still uses cold weapons like crossbows?

Written by: Chris Cappy & Armando Duarte Galán

China’s People’s Liberation Army has kept crossbows in its arsenal for a few very specific operational roles. I think some of their justifications are more reasonable than others. There are several publicly available images of their security forces using crossbows during civilian riots, such as the massive Xinjiang riots of July 2009. The advantage in this situation is that Crossbows can be fitted with non-lethal bolts when you need to capture people instead of immediately sending them to meet their ancestors. It has a far longer range than other non lethal options like tasers and net catchers. But options like rubber bullets are likely just as safe and offer far greater rate of fire so that doesn’t fully explain what’s going on here.
Credit to : Task & Purpose

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