Why are Submarines so Hard to Find?


In today’s episode, we are going to discuss why are submarines so hard to find? Dubbed as the “Silent Service,” submarines are considered the most survivable weapons-delivery platform. Submarine detection and monitoring was traditionally the exclusive domain of highly classified military units specializing in naval anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

Military ASW employs technologies such as magnetic anomaly detectors (MAD), which detect tiny disturbances to Earth’s magnetic field caused by metallic submarine hulls, passive and active sonar sensors that use sound propagation to detect objects underwater, as well as radar and high-resolution satellite imagery to detect surfaced submarines. ”[‘

Recent advances in commercial tools and technologies now give open-source researchers some ability to monitor submarine fleets. With commercial satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), hydro-acoustic sensors, and even social media analysis, open-source researchers can better understand the size and composition of countries’ submarine fleets, monitor the construction of submarines and submarine bases, and potentially learn about patrol patterns and behaviors.

Credit Military TV