Who Killed the Stonehenge People?

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4500 years ago, just around the time that Stonehenge was completed, Britain was invaded by a new people from Holland who replaced the henge builders. They left burial mounds all around Stonehenge and carved images of weapons on the henge itself. The plains around Stonehenge contain one of the densest concentrations of Bronze Age barrows in Britain. There are over 300 within within a 2 mile radius around Stonehenge. The area has been the subject of archaeological research since the 18th century. The Indo-European barrow builders of the Dutch beaker culture loved gold and were more warlike than the Neolithic natives who built Stonehenge. We can look at the DNA of the Boscombe bowmen who were buried near Stonehenge, in order to understand more about the Bell Beaker folk. This video also looks at grave goods from the Normanton Down Barrows.

Credit Survive the Jive

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