Who is Behind the Deadly Iran Bombing and Why? How the US Backed Terrorism in Iran for Years

Who is Behind the Deadly Iran Bombing and Why? How the US Backed Terrorism in Iran for Years

The Recent Bombing in Iran and US Support of Terrorism in Iran…

– The US has used armed terrorist organizations for decades as proxies against their adversaries worldwide, including most recently in Syria, Iraq, and against Iran;

– US weapons and equipment “fell into the hands” of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, consisting of the largest, most effective militant groups participating in the US proxy war against Syria;

– US government and corporate-funded think tanks like the Brookings Institution in its 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” policy paper proposed using listed terrorist organizations like the MEK to undermine, coerce, and possibly even overthrow the Iranian government;

– The 2009 paper suggested MEK be “delisted” as a terrorist organization by the US State Department, which the Department eventually did in 2012 following intense lobbying and media campaigning by senior US and European representatives;

– The MEK is currently still supported by senior US-European representatives with undermining, coercing, and overthrowing the Iranian government remaining as a key Western geopolitical objective;

– Western media warns the recent terrorist attack in Iran could trigger a wider regional conflict, which the US has openly sought since the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023;

– The 2009 Brookings paper feared Iran might not retaliate against US provocations, denying the US the wider regime-change war it sought;

– Between the US-backed brutalization of Gaza and now a terrorist attack on Iran itself, the US is making it as politically unlikely as possible for Tehran to avoid retaliation if and when a major US or Israel strike on Iran takes place;

Credit to : The New Atlas

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