When British Tanks First Encountered Flak 88’s at Halfaya Pass – June 1941

Flak 88s at Halfaya Pass – June 1941

In December 1940, the Allies successfully drove the Italian army out of Egypt and forced them to retreat into Libya.

Operation Compass, stands as a shining example of a meticulously executed Blitzkrieg-style offensive with the British Matilda II tank taking the lead in this remarkable campaign.

By the spring of 1941, the Allies held strong confidence that the Matilda could still drive through Axis defenses.

Under the directive from London, Archibald Wavell, the commander of British forces in the Middle East formulated a strategic plan aimed at breaking the German siege of the strategically vital port of Tobruk.

This audacious undertaking, named Operation Battleaxe, hinged on the advance of Matilda tanks to the west through the Halfaya Pass with accompanying armored units making their way along the coastal route to provide support.

To the detriment of British tank crews, Rommel’s Afrika Corps had begun employing the formidable Flak18 88 mm AA gun in an anti-tank role.

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