When 3 Aces Fought Germany’s Super Pilot

Air Battle

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It’s the 3rd of June, 1942, and nine P40B Tomahawk fighters of the South African Air Force 5th Squadron are rushing to the aid of French defenders that are being attacked in a fort by German Stuka’s. It’s a star-studded flight with 3 flying aces in its midst; Distinguished Flying Cross recipient Robin Pare, Cecil Golding, and Louis Botha.

A few kilometers away famed ace Hans-Joachim Marseille and his wingman are on a patrol aboard their Bf 109s when they receive the desperate plea from the Stukas. They don’t need to be told twice, they slam the throttle to full and race to the rescue.

They arrive at a chaotic scene, with allied fighters all over the Stukas, but Marseille is undeterred.
What happens next is an incredible battle of 3 aces versus a German Uber Ace. An incredible feat of skill that cemented Marseilles reputation as the Star of Africa.

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