When 1 Pilot Fought 64 Japanese Planes

Flying Lulubelle his beloved P-40

It’s December 13th 1943 and 2nd Lt Philip R. Adair is in the skies over Assam. The alert was sounded and he’s first Burma Banshee in the air. Flying Lulubelle his beloved P-40 he sees in the distance what looks like a flight of 4 planes. Adair is on his own as the rest of the Burma Banshees are still taking off…but he doesn’t hang around and he goes for a closer look.
It’s a force of over 60 planes consisting of both bombers and fighters and it’s headed straight for his home base. What can one man do against 60 enemies? Adair makes the incredibly brave decision to engage the force alone. With original testimony from Adair and photos from the battle, we recreate this epic and little known moment in history.
Credit to : Yarnhub

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