What was the “Netherlands’ Vietnam?” | Dutch War in Indonesia (1945-1949)

Dutch War in Indonesia (1945-1949)

For many centuries Indonesia, or really the Dutch East Indies, were part of the Dutch Empire and ruled from the Netherlands. The Dutch East Indies were invaded by the Empire of Japan in 1942, and when the war ended in 1945 the Dutch expected rule over the islands would be returned to them. Meanwhile, Indonesian nationalists declared their independence on the 17th August 1945 and started a bloody period of social upheaval known as the Bersiap in an attempt to wrest control for themselves.
Unwilling to accept this, the Dutch send thousands of soldiers to Indonesia and engaged in what became known in the Netherlands as the “Politionele Acties” – “Police Actions”, and later to the Indonesians as The Indonesian National Revolution. In this video I’ll be looking at this often forgotten conflict to gain an overview of what happened in the “Netherlands’ Vietnam.”
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