What is Known About the Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle – This vehicle was designed to work in conjunction with the Leopard main battle tanks and to accompany them in combat. The armored personnel carrier had the same level of protection and mobility as the Leopard tank. The Marder was first produced in 1970, manufactured by two companies, Rheinstahl and Mak, and the total volume of BMPs produced reached 3,111. In 1975, the production of the basic version of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle was discontinued. Over the years, the Marder has undergone numerous updates, resulting in the Marder 1A1, then the 1A1A and 1A2, and finally the 1A3. All existing machines were modified to the 1A3 standard. Although some APCs have been upgraded to 1A4 and 1A5 standards, the 1A3 is the most numerous version today.
Credit to : Military TV

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