What is C-RAM MANTIS That Protects Skies over Ukrainian Repair Bases in Slovakia?

Land-based Air Defense System

The German Mantis C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) system is a land-based air defense system designed to detect and intercept incoming rockets, artillery shells, and mortar rounds. It was developed by the German company Rheinmetall Defence Electronics and is based on the company’s MANTIS technology. The system integrates a multi-sensor suite, including radar, electro-optical sensors, and a fire control system, to detect and track incoming threats. The system can then engage the threats using high-velocity, direct-fire kinetic energy interceptors.
The MANTIS itself stands for Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System, a fitting name as “mantis” in English refers to the praying mantis, a skilled hunter. Basically, the MANTIS system is designed to be prepared to swiftly attack targets at a moment’s notice, much like the praying mantis. Its reaction time to potential targets can be as fast as 1/100 of a second, which is considered extremely fast. This reflects the agility and hunting skills of the mantis. This name for the system follows the German military tradition of giving weapons systems names of predatory animals due to its similarities to the praying mantis.
Credit to : Military.TV

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