What is Behind the Growing US-China Crisis Over Taiwan?

US-China Crisis Over Taiwan

As the US wages proxy war against Russia through Ukraine, it is attempting the same process through Taiwan against China. AHowever, there are some major differences that make America’s hostility and encroachment on China even more dangerous including the fact that even Washington, officially, recognizes Taiwan as part of China while openly arming Taipei’s administration, encouraging separatism, and even placing US troops on what is internationally recognized as Chinese territory. Besides military tensions, economic tensions continue to grow as China is positioned to surpass the collective West economically.

The US has responded with growing lists of sanctions and coercive policies targeting not only China but Washington’s own supposed “allies.” The Chip 4 Alliance seeks to assert US hegemony over the global semiconductor industry but is instead producing a similar backfiring effect as US and EU sanctions on Russian energy exports.

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