What difficulties do Israeli Troops Face in Ground War against Hamas?

Ramping up ground operations in Gaza

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his country has entered the second stage of the war with Hamas, after ramping up ground operations in Gaza.
Speaking with war cabinet minister Benny Gantz and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Netanyahu described the conflict as Israel’s second war of independence. He said the goal was to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities and its control of the Gaza Strip. Israel has again warned civilians to evacuate the northern part of the besieged territory.
The United Nations agency overseeing aid for Palestinians says its storage facilites in Gaza were broken into due to what it says are people who are scared, frustrated and desperate. Thousands of people have taken vital food supplies, which the UN has called a worrying sign that civil order is breaking down.

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02:33 Live report from DW’s Rebecca Ritters
06.21 Interview with military analyst Mike Martins
Credit to : DW News

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