Western Volunteer in Bakhmut Admits Ukraine is Losing + is the Western Tank Card a Bluff?

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for January 30, 2023

– Russian forces continue encircling Bakhmut in the east and pushing toward Vugladar in the south;

– pro-Ukrainian Western volunteers admit the bleak situation Ukraine faces overall and specifically in Bakhmut;

– one volunteer admits that Wagner is better trained, better equipped, better organized and lead than Ukrainian forces fighting in Bakhmut;

– this volunteers admits Wagner is surrounding and may possibly cut of Bakhmut like in Mariupol;

– this volunteer admits Ukraine suffers from immense corruption and incompetence coupled with Western sponsors indifferent to their growing crisis;

– this volunteer admits that tanks are a “secret acknowledgement that things aren’t going well;”

– the volunteer would like to see more Western advisors leading Ukrainian units in battle, a slippery slope toward direct NATO intervention;

– growing skepticism continues to surround pledged Western main battle tanks;

– US policy makers appear to suggest this strategy may be essentially a bluff to convince Russia it is more prepared than Moscow for a long-term conflict;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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