Western Media Faces Ukraine’s Failures: Offensive Grinds on with No Plan-B

Conflict in Ukraine for August 21, 2023

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for August 21, 2023:

– As Ukraine’s offensive struggles in its 3rd month to cross the Russian security zone and reach the first of several defensive lines, Russian forces around Kupiansk have begun reversing Ukraine’s territorial gains made in last year’s Ukrainian offensive;

– The Western media citing Western political and military leaders as well as previously optimistic Western analysts now admit how implausible Ukraine’s offensive plans actually were as blame begins to be traded;

– Despite a growing grip on reality, there is still talk about “wonder weapons” changing the tide of the fighting including continued talk about the delivery of US-made F-16 warplanes which face all the difficulties that NATO main battle tanks faced, preventing Ukraine from using them effectively on the battlefield;

– Russia will most likely continue its methodical advance across the battlefield after Ukraine’s offensive fully exhausts itself rather than launching its own “big-arrow” offensive;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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