Western Economies Heading for “Deep Recession”

Biggest Drop in productivity in the last quarter since 1947

The same officials who lied about “transitory inflation” are now saying that job figures show a coming recovery. However, they are ignoring that, due to inflation, real wages are declining, and there was the biggest drop in productivity in the last quarter since 1947! Instead of addressing the systemic collapse underway, western governments are making it worse, by pouring money into a war intended to destroy Russia, which is now backfiring against their own economies. And a note about why celebrations of VE Day, commemorating the victory over the Nazis in World War II, are low-key in the west this year, as NATO governments are pouring weapons into Ukraine that often end up in the hands of Ukrainian forces, e.g., the Azov Regiment, which remain true to their ideological alliance with the Nazis during the war!
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization