West Admits Russia Outguns Them as Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive

Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for September 18, 2023

– Ukrainian offensive operations remain stagnant along the line of contact with Russian counterattacks overturning what superficial progress they do make;

– The Western media citing US and other NATO member state officials admits Ukrainian forces lacked the proper training to conduct a successful offensive;

– As Western sources begin admitting to Ukraine’s catastrophic losses in men and materiel, they also admit Russian losses are near all time lows;

– The collective West also acknowledges that the amount of ammunition and weapons Ukraine requires is beyond the West’s ability to provide both in the short and intermediate future;

– In order to provide such levels of material support, the West would need to significantly mobilize its population, industry, and military, a prospect that isn’t even being seriously considered let alone planned;

Credit to : The New Atlas

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