Weird Weapons used in Ukraine War

Weirdest Weapons we’ve seen fielded in Recent History

The Russo-Ukraine war has definitely been producing some of the weirdest weapons we’ve seen fielded in recent history, maybe even ever. But how weird can it get?
Correction: 07:30 Weapon shown is not a PPSH-41 but rather an RPD light machine gun

In this video you we talk about:

– Ukranian ‘Mad Max’ vehicles when there aren’t tanks available,
– Upgraded Soviet-era weapons, such as the Kh-35 subsonic anti-ship missile that Ukraine overhauled into this R-360 Neptune,
– The Mosin Nagant M1891/30 and its successor, the SVT-40,
– The water-cooled M1910 Maxim Machine Gun,
– Imported weapons from the West, such as M-4 carbines, M240s, M32 grenade launchers, and M2 Brownings and submachine guns donated by private American companies,
and many more.
Credit to : The Military Show

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