We Fired Weapons From The 1500s, 1700s and 1900s!

Shoot three Guns spanning four Centuries of history

“We Fired Weapons From The 1500s, 1700s and 1900s!”

In this video exclusive to the History Hit YouTube channel, Louee Dessent and Luke Tomes headed to the Royal Armouries Museum firing range in Leeds to shoot three guns spanning four centuries of history!

With the help and guidance of Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at Royal Armouries in Leeds, Jonathan Ferguson, we fired a 16th Century replica arquebus, an 18th Century Brown Bess musket and finally the famous Lee Enfield bolt-action rifle.

We explore the evolution of guns by looking at some of the first guns in existence through to the weapons of The First World War and Second World War.
Credit to : History Hit