WARNING! Putin THREATENS Nuclear Missile Attack

THREATENS Nuclear Missile Attack

Despite this, the Biden administration plans to transfer thousands of seized Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine to alleviate military shortages. Lastly, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning to the West, emphasizing Russia’s readiness to respond with overwhelming force, including nuclear capabilities, in the event of an attack, highlighting ongoing tensions and concerns on the global stage.
In a recent political shake-up, Rep. Matt Gaetz successfully motioned to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy, in response, announced he won’t run for Speaker again and yielded his position to Rep. Patrick McHenry, who took on the role of acting speaker. Rep. Nancy Pelosi was also removed from her office by McHenry as she had stepped down from being Speaker months ago, leading to a dispute between them.
The question now is, who will be the next Speaker of the House? Names like Rep. Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan are being mentioned, but there’s speculation about former President Donald Trump taking the role. However, Trump indicated his focus remains on making America great as President and not becoming Speaker.
Switching gears to the border situation, the Biden administration has admitted the need to continue building the border wall in some areas, despite prior denials of a border crisis. This move aims to enhance border security and discourage illegal crossings, contradicting Biden’s earlier stance against wall construction.
Amid these political developments, some Democrats, like Sen. Michael Bennet, are pushing for funding Ukraine over other priorities. Bennet’s preference for Ukraine funding has raised questions about political motivations, as he has corporate interests tied to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky acknowledges Western “war fatigue,” affecting support for Ukraine’s ongoing conflict.
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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