Anzacs – Episode 1 -The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

The story concerns a fictitious company of men under arms in the 8th Battalion formed and trained in Victoria. The first episode is a primer of how they got together including the friendship between Martin Barrington, Dick Baker and his sister Kate. At the train station on the way to the Broadmeadows Army Camp iis Pat Cleary, the typical Aussie larrikin. At the camp they are joined by Roly Collin, Tom McArther and Bill Harris). From there you follow them through the training camp where they are commanded by Lt Harold Armstrong with whom the men form an instant bond. Alongside this thread is that of Dick Baker’s sister, Kate, who joins up as a nurse and provides the romantic slant to the storyline. After basic training the boys are sent off to fight against the Turks and landed at Anzac Cove where they earn their first reputation at Gallipoli.

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