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A war movie depicting the German Nazi Resistance opposing the Nazis in World War II, focusing on two brothers who are on opposite sides of the conflict. The film follows Kurt Franken, a German-American who returns to Germany after World War I and becomes a radio engineer. He is disillusioned by the Nazi regime and joins an underground resistance group led by a woman he falls in love with. His brother Eric, however, is a loyal SS officer who believes in Hitler’s vision.

1941 American War Drama Suspense Espionage Propaganda Noir Hollywood Movie

The film was released in 1941, shortly before the US entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was produced by Warner Bros. as part of its public relations campaign to support the Allied cause in World War II. It was based on a story by Edwin Justus Mayer and Oliver H.P. Garrett, who also wrote the screenplay for Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939), another anti-Nazi propaganda film by Warner Bros.

Director: Vincent Sherman
Stars: Jeffrey Lynn, Philip Dorn, Kaaren Verne

Alternative Titles
Spanish – La libertad nunca muere, Dos Hermanos
Portuguese – A Voz da Liberdade
Greek – Morfes tou ypokosmou

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