War Movie – The 11th Order (2019) 

The 11th Order (2019) – Official Release

The award-winning short film “The 11th Order” is based on the true story of LCpl. Jordan Haerter and Cpl. Jonathan Yale, two United States Marines who stood their ground to stop a suicide truck bomb—saving the lives of the 150 Marines and Iraqi Police behind them. Written, directed, and edited by Marine veteran Joshua DeFour, the film was made in collaboration with the families of the fallen Marines and funded largely by the veteran and active duty military communities. (TV-MA for strong language and mild violence.)

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Written, Directed, and Edited by Joshua DeFour
Producers — Marisela Campos, Joshua DeFour, Jack Langlois
Executive Producer — Michael Goyette
Director of Photography — Jack Langlois
Assistant Director — Heather Halstead
Music Composer — Matthew Raetzel
Production Designer — Daniel Clay Fox
Wardrobe — Diana Corpus
Makeup Artist — Ann Beckett
Sound Recordist — Will Harrell
Supervising Sound Editor — Korey Pereira, M.P.S.E
Sound Designer — Tim Rakoczy
Sound Mixer — Evan Dunivan
Foley Mixer — Glen Eanes, C.A.S
Colorist — Parke Gregg
Special Effects Supervisor — Blumes Tracy
Stunt Coordinator — Tierre Turner
Visual Effects Artist — Ben Bays

LCpl. Jordan Haerter — Michael Grant
Cpl. Jonathan Yale — Noah Gray-Cabey
Gen. John F. Kelly — Colin Hoffmeister
Cpl. Anthony Rayis — Phillip Andre Botello
Cpl. Clay Rogers — Jake McDermott
Credit to : The 11th Order

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