War Movie – ‘Sniper’s Ridge’ (1961)

♦War Classics♦ ‘Sniper’s Ridge’ (1961) Jack Ging, Stanley Clements

1961 • Approved • Drama, War • Feb 1961 (USA)
Stars: Jack Ging • Stanley Clements • John Goddard • Doug Henderson
A treaty to end the Korean War is about to be signed, but tensions between enemy forces are still high. Capt. Tombolo (John Goddard), who heads a combat unit with a shaky reputation, orders a pointless, dangerous final patrol, and steps on a “Bouncing Betty,” a land mine that explodes only after pressure on it is released. Despite his deep resentment for Tombolo, Cpl. Sharack (Jack Ging), the unit’s finest soldier, begins mulling over ways to save his commanding officer from certain doom.
Credit to : Rob W

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