War Movie – Red Rose of Normandy – Special Directors Cut

Red Rose of Normandy – SPECIAL DIRECTORS CUT Full Movie

Captain Klaus Muller desperately fighting to save his men against Russians encirclement on the Eastern Front. Wounded he is sent to Normandy a few days before the D-Day invasion, however here he finds his fiancée and her father serving with the Army. And must now try to save them from the local Gestapo chief, all the while trying to survive the Allies landing. Inspired by real events as they took place during the war. This is the DIRECTORS cut not the general release. See more in my notes about the movie.
Please keep in mind this is an Independent movie made for nothing by a bunch of soldiers, it is not Saving Private Ryan but I will say we have more hardware:-)
Credit to : Lost Battlefields w Tino Struckmann

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