War Movie – Film IV : Liberation – The Battle For Berlin (4K)

The Battle of Berlin

Liberation. Film IV: The Battle of Berlin with English Russian Spanish Romanian Portuguese subtitles is a film series released in 1970 and 1971, directed by Yuri Ozerov and shot in wide-format NIKFI process (70 mm). The script was written by Yuri Bondarev and Oscar Kurganov. The series was a Soviet-Polish-East German-Italian-Yugoslav co-production.
Stalin orders to hasten the Vistula-Oder offensive in order to relieve the Allies. Karl Wolff is sent to negotiate with the Americans.

Zhukov rejects Stavka’s order to take Berlin, fearing an attack on his flank. In Yalta, Stalin notifies Churchill and Roosevelt that he knows of their secret dealings with the enemy. Saying that trust is the most important thing, he tears apart the picture showing Allen Dulles and Wolff. Zhukov’s forces cross the Oder and approach Berlin. The Soviets capture a teenage sniper; they send him to his mother. Vasilev’s tank crushes into a house. The crew has a pleasant meal with the owner’s family. The Soviets and the Poles storm the Tiergarten.

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