War Movie : Brother’s War ( Full Film )

Brothers War. Set during the fierce fighting on the Eastern front at the end of WW2. Where 2 friends are fighting a desperate fight against the Russian Army’s onslaught while hiding at the front from their own Gestapo, seeking them for belonging to a fraternity now outlawed. An unlikely alliance is formed between a British and a German Officer seeking to escape to the West. An epic movie inspired by real events and real people. Gives a great insight to the life and desperation of the front soldier in the German Army as the end is nearing. Independently Produced by Tino Struckmann written with Warren Lewis. With Michael Berryman, Haley Carr Hugh Daly and Olivier Grunor.
The film was made by mostly military veterans and military historians – The events happened however some locations changed due to story telling logistics.
It was my first film after I left the ARMY I hope you can find yourself entertained, not the big budget of a studio but we gave it a good shot:-)

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