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Battleground Valor American war drama television film depicting the harrowing true story of the US 77th Division’s Lost Battalion during World War I. Directed by Russell Mulcahy and written by James Carabatsos, the film stars Rick Schroder as Major Charles Whittlesey. Set during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of 1918, the plot follows Major Whittlesey and approximately 550 soldiers as they find themselves cut off and surrounded by German forces in the Argonne Forest.

Despite initial skepticism from Major General Robert Alexander, who views Whittlesey as an “overeducated New York lawyer” and his men as “acceptable losses,” Whittlesey leads his diverse group of soldiers, largely immigrants and working-class men from New York City’s Lower East Side, into battle. As they push through the German lines, they discover they’ve been abandoned by American and French forces, leaving them isolated and under siege.

Facing relentless attacks and dwindling supplies, including resorting to reusing medical provisions and scavenging from fallen comrades, Whittlesey and his men refuse to surrender. Even when approached by German captives urging them to give up, Whittlesey and his soldiers stand firm, earning the admiration of their adversaries.

After days of holding the line against overwhelming odds, a rescue mission is launched when an American pilot spots their position. Despite being mortally wounded by German fire, the pilot manages to relay the Lost Battalion’s location before succumbing to his injuries. Reinforcements arrive, and the Germans retreat, ending the siege.
Credit to : VLG Cinema

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