USMC Assault Force Loading Wounded, War Torn Town, 1945

Okinawa WW2

Probably Okinawa. Naval Photographic Center film #11735. National Archives description ”
1) HA LS Marines going down side of Transport on cargo net and into a LCVP.
2) LS LCVP loaded with Marines, backing off from side of Transport.
3) HA MS Marines, wearing combat gear, ready to go ashore.
4) MCU Marine, with a small dog on pack.
5) MCU Marine with small dog in his arms.
6) MS Three Marines playing with three small puppies.
7) LS PAN Three Transports (camouflaged in Thayer methed) at anchor; island in BG.
8) HA MS Marines and small dogs in LCVP.
9) LS DD of FLETCHER class slowly underway; LVT and LCVP passing in FG.
10) MLS Gun crew manning 40MM single mount on ship (SV)
11) HA LS Gun crew manning and firing 1.1 anti aircraft guns.
12) HA LS Crew manning and firing 20MM”s.
13) LS Tracers going up into sky; towed sleeves being shot at.
14) MLS Bridge on Transport.
15) GtoA Sleeve going by overhead, with flak bursting and tracers in sky.
16) LS Mooring buoy; ships in BG. 17) LS Cruiser of the PENSACOLA class. 18) HA MS Wounded man being brought aboard a LCVP. 19) HA MS Man directing crane, bringing wounded man board .20) LS Old Japanese landing craft out in water, with American flag on it. 21) HA LS Dead Japanese floating in water, face down (SV) 22) HA LS Gun crew in gun tub on 3″50. 23) LS Hospital ship of the RELIEF class; bow in FG. 24) HA LS Tarpaulin over well deck of LCVP. 25) LS Cruiser of the NEW ORLEANS class. 26) MS Superatnucture of cruiser. 27) LS Buddhist Temple. 28) MLS Looking inside of temple, which is damaged. 29) LS Statue. 30) LS PAN Buildings in town wrecked. 31) LS Bombed out church. 32) CU Two men walking down street in town. 33) LS Vehicles on road; buildings in BG and FG. 34) LS Men on a jeep; PAN of an old tank. 35) HA MS Bunker .36) CU Landmark with Japanese writing on it. 37) LS Four officers. 38) LS Man walking by first aid station.”