USAF Training Film for Downed Airmen | Evading Capture in Enemy Territory | ca. 1957

Shot Down far behind enemy lines

Using dramatic re-enactments, this Cold War-era U.S. Air Force training film teaches American airmen how to evade capture and make their way home out of hostile territory after being shot down from their aircraft. All the capture evasion skills learned during World War 2 are put to good use, along with lessons learned by the CIA on how to operate in Eastern Europe. The film was shot in a Hollywood “film noire” espionage adventure style and was released in circa 1957*.

A B-29 Superfortress is shot down during an air raid mission, far behind enemy lines. The crew is separated during bail out into small groups. What follows are a series of lessons on what to do – and not to do – to evade capture and make it back to friendly territory.
Just a few of the many things you will learn are: evading blood hounds, what to wear – and not to wear – to blend in with the locals, traveling inconspicuously by day and night, identifying civilians most likely to help you make contact with the underground, what to expect from the resistance and how to deal with them, crossing roads and exposed spaces, using misdirection, diversion and bluffing, crossing heavily guarded boarders – and a whole lot more! Some of the crew make it back, while others don’t, all told in a very dramatic and engaging feature film.
Credit to : The Best Film Archives

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