USA vs China: To Sink a Carrier

Hypothetical clash between the United States and Chinese in the South China Sea

HypOps simulates a hypothetical clash between the United States and the People’s Liberation Army in the South China Sea. A FONOP gone bad leads to a JH-7 shootdown by an Arleigh Burke class destroyer. Tensions continues to escalate, with air battles erupting between American F/A-18 and Chinese J-11 and J16 fighter aircraft with BVR AIM-120 AMRAAMS versus Chinese PL-15 and PL-12 missiles. Hostilities will escalate to the point where China will launch YJ-83s, YJ-18s, YJ-12s and even DF-21D ant-ship ballistic cruise missiles against the AEGIS missile defense systems. Just how much will it take to sink an American carrier strike group?
Credit to : HypOps

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