US Shapes Philippines into Southeast Asia’s “Ukraine”

US Shapes Philippines into Southeast Asia’s “Ukraine”

Update on growing tensions between China and the US in Asia-Pacific…

– US is expanding its military footprint in its former colony of the Philippines in Southeast Asia;

– The US is using ordinary maritime disputes as a pretext for inserting itself into the region & escalating the disputes into a regional or global crisis;

– The Philippines’ government is canceling joint infrastructure projects with China while signing new basing agreements with the US despite China begin the Philippines’ largest and most important trading partner;

– As with Ukraine in Eastern Europe, the Philippines is attempting to convince the public that the West offers better opportunities when in reality the country is simply being used as a disposable battering ram;

– Philippine leadership has been shaped by decades of US political interference including programs like Fulbright and YSEALI which indoctrinate youth and move them into positions of influence through NED-funded programs;

Credit to : The New Atlas

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