US Rushes to Provoke War w/Growing Chinese Army: Admits Taiwan will be Destroyed

US continues push for war with China over Taiwan’s status

– Officially the US (and the UN) recognizes Taiwan as part of China, unofficially the US promotes separatism;

– China’s attempts to preserve its territorial integrity are depicted by Western governments and the media as “aggression;”

– China’s military capabilities continue to grow, matching or exceeding US military capabilities;

– Recent Chinese military exercises launched after Taiwan’s Tsai Ing Wen met with US representatives in the US included simulated precision-guided missile and rocket attacks on targets across Taiwan and an air and sea blockade;

– Leaked US documents as well as US policy think tanks admit the armed forces of the Taiwan administration lack the capability to defeat any potential Chinese military operation;

– Talk of creating a weapon stockpile on Taiwan to circumvent any future blockade fails to recognize many of the specified weapon systems have been severely depleted in Washington’s other proxy conflict in Ukraine;

– Time is ultimately on China’s side, economically Taiwan is heavily integrated with the rest of China and political forces in Taiwan favoring the status quo or closer cooperation with the rest of China are growing in strength;

– The January 2024 elections in Taiwan and the possibility a more reasonable administration may come into power might trigger increasingly dangerous US provocations between now and then;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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