US Navy Deploys to Stop Houthi Attacks in Red Sea

US Navy Deploys to Stop Houthi Attacks in Red Sea

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Increasing number of attacks in the Red Sea region at a global shipping check point by Houthis has pushed the US Navy to respond with a Task Force. To counter houthi attacks on cargo ships in the red sea the United States announced they’ve put together an international coalition of 10 official nations. What’s at stake here? Preventing these houthi attacks from blockading one of the worlds transited and most important shiping lanes for the global economy. The task force includes the united kingdom canada france and italy who will send guided missile drestroyers and air craft carriers to secure the water off yemens coast.

This Task Force has been dubbed Operation Prosperity guardian. But What prosperity is being guarded ? Take a look at the Red Sea behind me, 10% of all oil traded at sea passes through this route and about 1 trillion dollars in goods annually. 15% of global trade passes through here. That’s a lot of prosperity if you ask me.
Since November 19th 2023 Houthi factions in Yemen have launched 100 attacks with anti-ship missiles and attack drones at civilian cargo ships. Houthis hijacked the Galaxy Leader, an Israeli-linked cargo ship in a helicopter borne raid. They still hold the ship and its 25 crew members hostage. Today we’re going to explore why all this blatant tom foolery is happening , what the US naval response is going to be based on expert opinions and we’ll talk about some of the geopolitical issues at play .

So the first thing you need to know is The main assets the united states navy deploys in the region is the Arleigh Burke class destroyer. It’s about 155 meters long and displaces 9,700 tons with heckin’ 90 missiles onboard. The guided missile crusier can perform tactical land strikes with Tomahawk cruise missiles so if they detect Houthi positions on land they have the power to take them out. USS Carney, Thomas Hudner and Mason arleigh burke destroyers have already been deployed in the region. They have intercepted and shot down over 38 munitions fired by Houthi’s since november. According to former Admiral (Sta-vree-dees) Stavirdis The US Navy will command the new task force through the existing Task Force 153, which is a counter piracy flotilla based in Bahrain. This is one of 5 task forces and its dedicated to the red sea in part. I just like to say task force honestly.

Written & Edited by: Chris Cappy

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