US-NATO Prepare Escalation in Desperate Bid to Turn the Tide (again) in Ukraine

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for January 18, 2023

– Bakhmut faces encirclement by Russian forces;
– The Netherlands is considering sending Patriot missile systems after West blames Russia for residential building strike;
– Ukrainian presidential adviser Arestovich has resigned after suggesting the building was hit because of a failed Ukrainian interception of a Russian cruise missile;
– The building strike appears to be serving as a pretext for a planned escalation by the US and its allies;
– Ukraine also lost its interior minister to a helicopter crash;
– The Western media admits current aid to Ukraine is not sufficient, although suggested increases will unlikely turn the tide;
– The US and its allies are preparing for their monthly meeting discussing expanded military aid to Ukraine on January 20, 2023;
Credit to : The New Atlas