US Military News • Exercise Global Medic 2021 Kicks off at Fort Hunter Liggett • California USA

Exercise Global Medic 2021 Kicks off at Fort Hunter Liggett

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers and U.S. Navy Reserve Sailors participate in Exercise Global Medic 21 at Fort Hunter Liggett.

Exercise Global Medic kicks off at Fort Hunter Liggett
U.S. Navy Reserve and U.S. #Army Reserve #medical teams demonstrate ambulance loading skills at Schoonover Air Field, Fort Hunter-Liggett, during Exercise Global Medic in June 2021.

The Sailors are assigned to a #Navy Reserve Expeditionary Medical Facility and are staffed from #Military units across the United States. The Soldiers are assigned to the 94th Combat Support Hospital, of the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support).

Both units are participating in Global Medic, a joint force multi-day field training exercise that simulates real-world #combat deployment in an austere environment. The Medical Reserve Training Command executes Global Medic as part of the Army Reserve Medical Command’s larger mission to provide trained, equipped, and combat ready units and medical personnel to support the total force on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

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