US, Germany Spar Over Tanks – Russian Spy Ship On Patrol Off Hawaii – Netherlands’ F-16s For Kyiv?

Ukraine War

Russian-backed officials in Donetsk Oblast claim Moscow has seized the village of Klishchiivka near Bakhmut. Ukraine’s General Staff hasn’t confirmed the loss of the village but mentioned Russian attacks on Klishchiivka. Ukrainian authorities claim Russia fired three missiles at the city’s civilian infrastructure in Kramatorsk, killing one person. German media Der Spiegel claims Berlin’s foreign intelligence service is alarmed by the losses the Ukrainian army is suffering in Bakhmut. Meanwhile, Zelensky called on partners at the Ramstein-8 meeting to speed up the provision of military aid to Ukraine. The Pentagon announced a new round of military aid package to Ukraine worth up to $2.5 billion. US officials have said it is “silly” for Germany to demand American Abram tanks first.

Credit CRUX