US Army – 81st Stryker Brigade Combat Team Finishes up XCTC

81st Stryker Brigade Combat Team

For three weeks members of the 81st SBCT have trained through high winds and hot temperatures at Yakima Training Center during Bayonet Focus.


Bayonet Focus is a seventh Infantry Division exercise that is conducted by Brigade Combat Teams prior to going to the national training center. This exportable combat training capability exercise was part of the seventh ID associated unit program which the 81st SBCT is a part of.


During their time in Yakima units were able to accomplish multiple tasks. For example, The infantry battalions conducted platoon live fire and platoon attack lanes in their assigned strykers. The field artillery battalion conducted fire missions and an artillery raid with m-777 howitzers. The sustainment battalion completed hotel 8 vehicle recovery training and supply reception and movement. And Multiple battalions conducted mass casualty exercises to enhance their field medic capability.


The 81st SBCT is scheduled to attend NTC in the spring of 2020, with the potential of a mobilization to Poland after completion.


Credit to : Sara Morris