Ukrainian vs. Russian Artillery + US Buying Taiwan’s Hawk Missiles for Ukrainian Air Defense

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for July 17, 2023:

– Western analysts are claiming the recent alleged resignation of Russian General Popov reflects Ukrainian artillery superiority amid the ongoing counteroffensive despite the fact that Ukraine is admittedly losing more armor and troops and has failed to make any substantial progress in over a month and a half of intense fighting;

– Western analysts admit Russia outguns Ukraine both in terms of artillery pieces and artillery ammunition but claims Ukraine has the “edge” because of its “artillery kill chain” which includes drones and counter-battery radars, technology Russia also has but in greater abundance;

– The US is allegedly buying Hawk air defense missiles decommissioned this year by Taiwan. The Hawk air defense systems was developed during the 1960’s and the version Taiwan has on hand was upgrade in the 1980s;

– The Hawk missiles serve as a very limited replacement for medium range air defense systems like Ukraine’s Soviet-era Buk systems and will not enable Ukraine to defend against Russian glide bombs along the line of contact;

– Before these Hawk missiles reach Ukraine, they will require refurbishment, a time-consuming process limited by a lack of facilities and qualified human resources. Similar limitations are inhibiting further production of newer weapon systems like the man-portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile;

– In the wake of Germany’s Leopard 2 main battle tanks failing on the battlefield, an even smaller number of US M1 Abrams are being touted as the next great hope for Ukrainian forces;

– In another Washington Post interview with Ukrainian commander General Valery Zaluzhny, he admits that Ukraine doesn’t have the necessary material means to succeed on the battlefield;
Credit to : The New Atlas