Ukrainian Border Guards Fight Russians in First Battle of Surprise Kharkiv Offensive

Ukrainian border guards fight Russians in first battle of surprise Kharkiv offensive

This is the first moments of the battle for Kharkiv as Russian launched a surprise attack. Video shows Ukrainian border guards inside their position when Putin’s men advance. They hear the Russians moving and call out to find who’s there, before opening fire. A tense gun battle follows, with the Ukrainians ultimately forced to fall back. More footage shows special forces soldiers being heavily shelled near the border. Kyiv rushed reinforcements to the area to stop the Russian advancing. Yet more video shows the Russian Legion was thrown into the fighting. Turncoat Russian soldiers used a BTR to drive back their own countrymen. FPV drone footage from the 42nd Brigade shows Russian vehicles being blown up. Ukraine is trying to hold back the surprise advance on Kharkiv, its second-biggest city. Russia is thought to have massed tens of thousands of troops in the area. They don’t have enough force to take the city, but can put it under pressure. The goal is unclear, but it may be to force Zelensky’s hand in any negotiations. #russia #ukraine #war

Credit to : Daily Mail

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