Ukrainian Air Defenses Dwindling, West Scours World for Arms on Eve of “Spring Offensive”

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for April 12, 2023:

– Russian forces continue taking territory around the fortified cities of Avdeevka and Bakhmut;

– Russian forces now control much of the west bank of the Bakhmutka River;

– A Ukrainian missile fired deep into Crimea (and intercepted by Russian air defenses) may have been a Ukrainian Grom-2, comparable to the Iskander missile with a range of 500km;

– Despite the capabilities of the Grom-2 and potential NATO assistance to produce them (most likely in Poland) it is unlikely these missiles will appear in numbers large enough to overwhelm Russian air defenses;

– NYT admits Ukrainian air defenses are deteriorating, allowing Russia to more freely use its military aviation;

– While Western analysts claim this development may not translate into Russian success, arriving at this juncture is already very much a Russian success;

Credit to : The New Atlas

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