Ukraine’s Offensives: Tactical Victories Can Contribute to Strategic Defeat

Ukraine War

Update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for September 12, 2022 – Ukraine has committed what is left of its best troops and equipment to multiple and expensive offensives – both around Kherson and in Kharkov, and rumors of offensives being prepared elsewhere; – The Kherson offensive has failed, costing Ukraine multiple brigades’ worth of men and equipment with little territorial gain; – The Kharkov offensive has cost Ukraine a large amount of men and equipment with significant territorial gains but failed to eliminate the Russian forces holding the region; – Russia’s decision to withdraw from Kharkov conserves men and equipment for fighting later on and to be determined on Russian terms; – There will be a significant strategic cost for Ukraine’s tactical gains – some of which are already being paid along the line of contact where Ukrainian lines have been weakened as Kiev cobbled together these offensive forces; – There are significant parallels between this Ukrainian push and Germany’s Ardennes Offensive in 1944; – Russia is targeting Ukrainian infrastructure including communication towers and power plants for the first time amid its military operations, signalling a possible escalation;

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