Ukraine’s Offensive: Taking Territory vs. the War of Attrition

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for April 19, 2023

– Both Russia’s and Ukraine’s presidents visit front line troops in Kherson and the Donbass region respectively;

– Russian forces continue to gain ground in Bakhmut, pro-Ukrainian maps show the main rail station now under Russian control;

– Ukrainian general admits Russia carrying out airstrikes in Bakhmut further indicating an increasingly pivotal change in the nature of fighting in Russia’s favor;

– Western analysis continues to paint a bleak picture regarding Ukraine’s upcoming offensive, noting that even if it manages to succeed in taking territory, it does little to change the lopsided nature of what is actually a war of attrition Ukraine is losing;

– Former Western diplomats and military leaders have called for greater support for Ukraine, refusing to acknowledge the limits of Western military industrial output and Ukraine’s ability to absorb weapon systems they are unfamiliar with;
Credit to : The News Atlas