Ukraine: Why NATO Tactics Fail

Ukraine: Why NATO Tactics fail

In this video we look what NATO training, doctrine & tactics don’t work or apply in the war in Ukraine. For this I asked a former German combat engineer that was extensively trained in NATO doctrine and also served in the Ukraine War as a volunteer.

Cover design by vonKickass.

Warno footage by

00:00 Intro
01:04 Tanks & Tank Combat
02:10 Pace of Combat
02:50 ATGM vs non-vehicle
03:17 Weapons & Ammo: Availability über alles
04:14 IFV & Armored Vehicles
04:50 APCs & MRAPs
05:32 Smoke Operations (or lack thereof)
07:00 Smoke by Artillery
08:18 No Smoke Ammo: Less Training, less Friction
09:43 Artillery
10:16 Night Vision Equipment
10:48 Mine Warfare
11:10 Why Warno footage?
12:36 Summary

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Credit to : Military History not Visualized

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