Ukraine Soldiers Explain Counter offensive Combat

Ukraine Soldiers Explain Counteroffensive Combat

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What really happened during the Ukrainian 2023 counteroffensive? 30 senior Ukranian and US military officials in addition to 24 officiers and regular grunts explained their expierence during combat and the planning phase.

The first thing you need to know is that Ukrainian soldiers who are veterans of the battle were shocked by the density of Russian minefields. To give you an idea of the scale here. One Ukranian soldier recovered a Russian map used to mark their minefields. For just that small area near Robotyeen 20,000 land mines were listed. They were placed four miles long and four miles deep. Ukraine T64 tanks with anti mine rollers were used to clear a path. but the rollers were destroyed after only one mine when they are supposed to withstand 4 hits. This is because Russian forces triple stacked the mines. This supports the Post’s claim that 60 percent of Ukraine’s de-mining equipment was destroyed in the first days of the offensive. According to Melnik the air support that was supposed to come never made it.

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Written by: Chris Cappy
Edited by: Maksym

When Ukraines troops trained on the M2 Bradley in Germany they drove in optimal conditions on smooth terrain. A far cry from the muddy earth they encountered on the front. Add to that the stress of driving under fire and it’s a bad mix. Some of the transport drivers accidentally steered out of the safe lane that had been cleared and hit stacks of Russian mines. This map shows a clear picture of why it was so difficult to advance south in Ukraine. There are only several main highways in the region that go south one of which passes straight through the town of Robotyne on its way to Tokmak. These two roads heading south are narrow choke points through which you have to pass. Russian forces have encountered the same problem with their past failed attempts to advance in Vuheldar and elsewhere.

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