Ukraine Repels Putin’s Drone Blitz, 690 Russian Troops Killed, US may send Bradley Vehicles to Kyiv

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s air defence forces repelled an enemy drone attack on infrastructure objects in the Kyiv region. Ukraine’s air defences downed 5 Russian drones that were reportedly flying over the Kyiv region on De. 30. Ukraine said Russia attacked Ukraine with 16 Iranian-made Shahed drones on Dec. 30, all of which were downed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky lashed out at Russia over the recent missile strikes. Ukraine’s military said its forces killed over 690 Russian troops in the last 24 hours. The Ukrainian military says Russia has diverted resources to the battle for the key city of Bakhmut but has made no advances. Kyiv said more than 40% of the enemy’s artillery attacks along the contact line from Kupyansk to Mariinka are in Bakhmut. Ukraine said its forces have made gradual progress towards the city of Kreminna in the eastern Luhansk region. According to a Bloomberg report, the US is considering sending Bradley fighting vehicles to bolster Ukraine’s defence against Russia.

UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that Russia must understand the long-term consequences of the war. Russia has called Ukraine’s peace plan and a February summit proposal under the UN aegis “delirious” and “hollow”. Around 49% of Ukrainians think that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is the best option for guaranteeing security, according to a recent survey.

Credit CRUX

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