Ukraine in Crisis: Col. Macgregor Shares Ukraine’s Fate Under Putin’s Military Assault

Ukraine-Russia War Update

Ukraine-Russia War Update with Colonel Douglas McGregor and Stephen Gardner
1. *Public Opinion and Washington’s Ignorance:* Over 50% of the U.S. population is against sending more aid to Ukraine, with even higher percentages if money and weapons aren’t tracked or audited. The interview suggests that Washington often disregards the will of the American people.

2. *Role of Washington in the Conflict:* It’s highlighted that the conflict in Ukraine wouldn’t have occurred without Washington’s involvement. Russia’s red line was Ukraine’s NATO membership, which Washington ignored, leading to the current situation.

3. *Russian Defensive Actions:* The interview explains that Russia initially entered Ukraine with a relatively small force of around 990,000 troops but shifted to a defensive posture when negotiations seemed futile. They have since built a formidable army.

4. *Impact of the Conflict on Ukraine:* The conflict has left Ukraine in a state of disarray and dysfunction. Corruption is rampant, and many Ukrainian soldiers are exhausted and disillusioned. Ukraine is described as a “failed state on life support.”

5. *George Kennan’s Wisdom:* The interview invokes the wisdom of George Kennan, who advocated containment rather than direct confrontation with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Kennan’s insights are seen as relevant to the current situation.

Overall, the interview suggests that U.S. policy regarding Ukraine is driven by factors beyond rationality, and the conflict continues due to political reasons rather than a clear strategic objective. It emphasizes the need for a reevaluation of U.S. involvement in the conflict and a focus on rational foreign policy decisions.
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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