Ukraine Destroys Russian S-400 Radar in huge HIMARS Barrage

Ukraine Destroys Russian S-400 radar

Ukraine destroyed a radar system belonging to a Russian S-400 air defence complex, worth hundreds of millions of dollars using HIMARS. Kyiv’s men unleashed a barrage of 16 GMLRS rockets from their US-made HIMARS immediately after hearing more were on the way because the House had passed a fresh aid package. And they were able to destroy a valuable radar complex linked to Russia’s most-advanced air defence system. Drone footage shows the rockets striking the radar, at an undisclosed location somewhere on the frontlines. An entire S-400 battery – including both radar, launchers and rockets – costs around $800million. It is the most advanced anti-air system Russia produces, which the Kremlin claims is impenetrable. Ukraine has managed to destroy or damage three such systems in recent weeks, with the help of long-range weaponry. #russia #ukraine #war
Credit to : Daily Mail

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