Ukraine Admits Russian 1.5 Ton Glide Bomb is Hard to Counter !

Russian Glide Bomb

Russia is deploying a new weapon on the battlefield – UPAB-1500B.
It is essentially a Glide Bomb with a range of around 30 miles or about 50 km.

Instead of relying on rockets or jet engines, gliding bombs use wings to navigate toward their intended target. These munitions are often released from aircraft and leverage aerodynamic lift to improve their range and precision. Gliding bombs may come in guided or unguided forms, and can be equipped with various warheads, including high-explosive or bunker busters.

As per reports, it had been used in Chernihiv Oblast recently.

In this video Defense Updates analyzes why Russian UPAB-1500B is a complex challenge for Ukraine?
Credit to : Defense Updates

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