UK sent 15x More Shells to Ukraine Than Planned, EU Pledges €20bn Aid, “China Sent Arms To Russia”

Ukraine War

Ukraine’s military said that Russian forces have struck Odesa’s grain terminals with Kalibr missiles on July 21. Local authorities said that Russian attacks on Odesa destroyed tonnes of Ukrainian grains. Ukraine’s military said that sustained Russian attacks on Odesa are part of Moscow’s efforts to destroy Ukraine’s ability to export food. A top French foreign policy advisor claimed that China is delivering military equipment to Russia to use in Ukraine. British Spy Chief Richard Moore has also accused China of being “absolutely complicit” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The EU will give Ukraine €5bn a year for the next four years to help its defence needs, the bloc’s foreign policy chief announced. The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly against an effort to limit the amount of aid the country can send to Ukraine. A high-ranking Russian Army Colonel has been reportedly killed in Ukraine’s Luhansk region. Russian Colonel Denis Ivanov, who was incharge of a rifle brigade, was killed when he was travelling in a car, according to Ukrainian channels. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Credit CRUX

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