U.S. War Department Film “The Enemy Strikes” 1944

U.S. War Department Bureau of Public Relations film # BPR-1155, The Enemy Strikes, 1944.
…much of the footage is from German film, captured during the Battle of the Bulge. Description from the National Archives: “U.S. motorized infantry rolls into a French town; civilians cheer. U.S. dead and injured are removed by stretcher from a battlefield; tanks, and infantry advance. German film shows officers, including von Runstedt, studying maps; Volksturm, armed with panzerfausts, marching; German tanks and infantry, covered by fog, moving through a snowy forest; a V-1 bomb exploding on an Allied position; camouflaged German tanks advancing; the use of flamethrowers; an Allied motor convoy in flames near Malmedy, Belgium; and U.S. POW’s in the town.